Reduce the risk of RSI & Tennis Elbow
Engineering Partner – A customer

“As a constructor I sit in front of my computer daily. I reached a limit when the pain in my wrist was unbearable. With DuoPad wrist support, I could continue to work as if nothing had happened ...”

Olle, Engineering Partner Göteborg

Wrist rest support – Black

“I've had a Duopad for a few months now and it's amazing! Have not had any problems with pain in my arm since I started using it, thanks!”

Loi, Sweden

Our wrist rest is lightweight and extremely compact – weighing only 4 grams! •	DuoPad is easy to attach to your wrist and very comfortable to wear.

Our RSI wrist rest is lightweight and extremely compact – weighing only 4 grams – Attach your DuoPad easily to your wrist

DuoPad is extremely light and so sits comfortably on your wrist while following the movement of your arm which allows you to work without any form of discomfort at your computer desk.

Over 50,000 people already own a DuoPad, and they love every single part of it – be kind and supportive to your amazing body by preventing problems related to RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury – which can lead to pain in the shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist.

DuoPad has currently been sold in over 13 countries.
Australia • Denmark • England • Finland • Germany • Ireland • New Zealand • Norway• Spain • Sweden • Turkey • USA

DuoPad is extremely light and comes in many beautiful colours

Using our wrist support can prevent RSI and it only weighs 4 grams

The DuoPad wrist rest is extremely lightweight – weighing only 4 grams and will help to prevent RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. DuoPad is available in eight separate colours namely; matt orange, rose red, marine blue, Mediterranean turquoise, lime green and bright silver. Choose a colour that suits you an order one lightweight DuoPad now.

DuoPad wrist rest & support – Limited edition – exclusively designed by Jeanette Karsten

DuoPad Design by Jeanette Karsten – Limited edition

Our unique and perfectly crafted Limited Edition wrist rest – numbered from 1–100 – is designed by the talented designer and artist Jeanette Karsten. Her designs cover a wide spectrum of styles and integrates architecture, design and art into one seamless and perfect blend. Our limited edition DuoPads are available in 3 variants; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

DuoPad is extremely light and so sits comfortably on your wrist while following the movement of your arm

The initial signs of RSI are stiffness in the arm, shoulder and neck

Do these issues seem familiar? At the onset of RSI, most people will usually feel a slight stiffness which eventually develops into pain. Some Vulnerable areas include the neck, elbow, shoulder and wrist. Your wrist support DuoPad follows the movement of your arms instead of having to adapt your body to the static wrist rest on your desk. 


With various physiotherapists and ergonomic experts, we designed and developed DuoPads – the ultimate wrist rest.

Following stringent & long consultations with physiotherapists and ergonomic experts, we designed DuoPads – the ultimate wrist rest

The concept is simple, our wrist rest will follow the movement of your wrist and arm while allowing you to move your arms freely in front of your computer desk.

The clever placement of this wrist rest helps to relieve pressure on the very sensitive carpal tunnel. DuoPad lightweight spring-like support will ensure that your wrist remains parallel with your computer table. This will reduce the stress usually exerted on the carpal tunnel when using the computer.

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY rekommenderar DuoPad mot handledsproblem, tennisarm & axelproblem

”I recommend that patients with wrist problems, tennis elbow or shoulder problems that work a lot on their computer use a DuoPad. Both for preventative measures and to alleviate pain that may manifest daily.”

Thomas Östling, Chiropractor rekomenderar DuoPad för att förhindra musarm och karpaltunnelsyndromet

”We are noticing a marked increase in the report of problems relating to RSI amongst our patients. Children who spend a considerable amount of time on their computer are also at risk. Because we have personally tested the product ourselves. We, therefore, recommend DuoPad, which we also sell in our clinic’s store. With this in mind, we can confidently say that buying a DuoPad is an affordable and reasonable investment to prevent RSI and Carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Anders Jansten, CEO, Adolf Fredrik Fysiocenter

What our Customers Say

DuoPad är en Innovativ produkt med potential

”As soon as we have a DuoPad on our table, a discussion that sounds like this always erupts; “Does it work” “Can I try it?” “Comfortable!”

This goes to show that DuoPad has indeed built a product worthy of recognition – a product that evokes curiosity and interest. I think that this can only be made possible as a result of the carefully thought and innovative design of this product which is showing immense potential.”

Gisela Bovin, VD

Efter att ha använt DuoPad en tid har värken stannat upp avsevärt

“Some days I sit in front of my computer for hours without leaving my chair, just so that I can find the best travel deals for my customers. A while ago, I noticed a slight pain and a dull ache in my shoulders and wrist while I went about my everyday business. After using DuoPad for a while, the pain stopped significantly, and now I use it to prevent the symptom from coming back again, and I have had great results so far.

Unfortunately, people are pretty lazy when it comes to preventive products, but DuoPads works perfectly for me.”

Tina Ståhl, Resesäljare