A brilliant investment against RSI 

DuoPad – a simple solution to a difficult problem

Our wrist rest is lightweight and extremely compact – weighing only 4 grams! •	DuoPad is easy to attach to your wrist and very comfortable to wear.

RSI problems – We can help – Easily

Over 50,000 people already own a DuoPad, and they love every single part of it – being kind and supportive to the amazing body by preventing problems related to RSI which can lead to pain in the shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist. DuoPad has currently been sold in over 13 countries, and we’re still expanding our reach. Invest in the health of your employees.

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RSI has been described as “the industrial disease of the 21st century”. It is one of the most common diseases in Europe. Today, RSI-related costs for sick leave, in Sweden only, is between 1.5 and 2 billion € per year! To put money into your employees’ health is a profitable investment. Price for one DuoPad is 16€ + VAT. Buy 50 or more and get 10 % discount.

Order DuoPad to your company. Price: 16 €:- + VAT
Free shipping if you buy two or more DuoPads.
Buy 50 or more and you also get 10% discount.
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Following stringent and long consultations with various physiotherapists and ergonomic experts, we designed and developed the ultimate wrist rest.

Following stringent & long consultations with physiotherapists and ergonomic experts, we designed DuoPads – the ultimate wrist rest

The concept is simple, our wrist rest will follow the movement of your wrist and arm while allowing you to move your arms freely in front of your computer desk.

The clever placement of this wrist rest helps to relieve pressure on the very sensitive carpal tunnel. DuoPad lightweight spring-like support will ensure that your wrist remains parallel with your computer table. This will reduce the stress usually exerted on the carpal tunnel when using the computer.


RSI wrist rest & support comes in many beeautiful colours

Strengthen your brand – and at the same time show you care about your customers and employees

Design your own pattern and have it printed on your DuoPad wrist support

Print your logo, a text or your domain name on the wristband. Or design your own pattern and have it printed onto your DuoPads. The wrist rest weighs only 4 grams and has a highly visible display area.

The printing surface is 15 x 60mm on the wristband. DuoPad is ideal for promotional products. We have many different solutions for your company. Give your wrist support that little extra. It may be a certain color, custom print / pattern or any particular detail.

Price list for printing

50 €2,50 /piece €2,50 /piece €2,90 /piece
100 €1,90 /piece €2,10 /piece €2,50 /piece
250 €1,60 /piece €1,90 /piece €2,0 /piece
500 €1,40 /piece €1,60 /piece €1,8 /piece
1 000 €10,90 /piece €12,10 /piece €13,60 /piece

Mould/colour €25:- When ordering 500 or more, this cost will expire.
Prices above are excluded from 25% VAT and shippign costs. 

When printing more than 1 000 pcs – please contact us for a quote.


Design your own pattern


Design your own pattern and have it printed onto your DuoPads!
If you order more than 10 000 pcs with your own own pattern, the cost is the same as a standard DuoPad. Some examples of patterns below.

Companies who wants to order
DuoPads with their own pattern.

Gör ett eget mönster och få det tryckt på era DuoPads – stöd mot musarm


Kiropraktor rekommenderar DuoPad för de som har handledsprobelm, tennisarm eller axelproblem.

”I recommend that patients with wrist problems, tennis elbow or shoulder problems that work  a lot on their computer use a DuoPad. Both for preventative measures and to alleviate pain that may manifest daily.”

Thomas Östling, Chiropractor

Adolf Fredriks Fysio Center rekommenderar DuoPAd för att förhindra musarm och karpaltunnelsyndrom

”We are noticing a marked increase in the report of problems relating to RSI amongst our patients. Children who spend a considerable amount of time on their computer are also at risk. Because we have personally tested the product ourselves. We, therefore, recommend DuoPad, which we also sell in our clinic’s store. With this in mind, we can confidently say that buying a DuoPad is an affordable and reasonable investment to prevent RSI and Carpal tunnel syndrome”

Anders Jansten, CEO Adolf Fredrik Fysiocenter